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silicon creationsSilicon Creations supplies PLLs for IoT Subsystems

Our close partner Silicon Creations has developed PLLs targeting IoT devices.  Their IoT PLL uses a 32kHz reference clock enabling use of tiny, low power watch crystals and achieving power as low as 5-10uW.  The low power IoT PLLs combined with our power management units are a perfect match for our IoT Low Power AMBA subsystems.

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FlexLogic high FlexLogix qualifies cores from CAST and SOC Solutions

A common use of Flex Logix's EFLX Embedded FPGA is to allow customisable I/O blocks in MCUs, IoT, and SOC applications.

 “We engaged with CAST and SoC solutions beccause they are the best IP suppliers,” says Flex Logix CEO Geoff state, “We appreciate the technical support and cooperation of CAST and SoC Solutions, and are pleased to offer our customers qualified sources of IP.”



puzzle piecesSoC Solutions provides additional benefits to ARM's DesignStart Program

ARM® DesignStart™ offers SoC designers free access to ARM Cortex®-M0 processor IP for design, simulation and prototyping with the option to buy a simplified and inexpensive, standardized fast track license. SoC Solutions has a series of proven IP cores such as AMBA Multi-Matrix Bus Fabrics, DMA, QSPI, I2C, RTC and Security Cores often needed in your design projects.  

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SoC Solutions is now part of the asicNorth IoT Design EcoSystem 


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Proven IP Subsystems

Our silicon proven AMBA®  IP-Subsystems have been used in many SOC products ranging from smart sensors, low power water meters, GPS tracking, wireless headphones to complex multi-channel audio systems.

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Things Connected

Our products are ideally suited for Internet of Things (IoT)  and Machine to Machine (M2M) devices.  Our Proven IP and Software are optomized for low power ARM Cortex®-M series designs. 

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We can quickly customize our solutions to fit your specific needs, whether it is for low power, high performance, special interfaces or multiple datapaths.  We deliver your solution with completely verified hardware and software.

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Embedded Software

We do software. Really a lot of software ! Our solutions usually contain deeply embedded "on the metal" software up to protocol stacks and even end product applications.

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