IPextreme Announces Breakthrough in Semiconductor IP Management and Compliance

IP fingerprinting technology and new ecosystem allows DNA analysis of chips

Campbell, Calif. – Oct 13, 2015 – IPextreme, a leader in the field of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) commercialization and IP management, today announced a revolutionary technology and an ecosystem providing capabilities never seen before in the tracking and management of semiconductor IP and embedded software. The technology includes a free software app that allows IP owners to “fingerprint” their IP so that their customers can easily discover it in their chip designs using ”DNA analysis” software without the need for GDSII tags. In addition, a new IP marketplace, the Core Store®, will provide IP suppliers with a no-cost platform to market their IP and securely store the digital fingerprints of their IP in a central place. This repository will serve as a reference library for customers using the DNA analysis software.

Early Adoption

The Core Store is available today with the following companies signed up as inaugural members:

Fingerprinting, DNA Analysis, and Core Store Pricing

The fingerprinting app is free for IP suppliers and semiconductor users of IP alike.

Unlimited DNA analysis is available at no extra charge for existing Xena Enterprise customers.

DNA analysis for non-Xena customers is available on the Core Store as a subscription service. Interested customers may request more information through the Core Store landing page.

IP suppliers can become members of the Core Store for no charge. The elective self-publishing news option is available at $1000 per year per Core Store member and includes an unlimited number of news items.