SoC Solutions supplies processor based IP subsystems for low-power smart device SOCs.  Our IP Subsystems are ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, small low-power embedded devices and M2M devices.

We have a broad portfolio of IP upon which we supply and build our products.

Our subsystems are built on the ARM AMBA® standards, AMBA® 2.0, 3,0 and 4.0 using AXI, AHB and APB bus protocols.  

These highly configurable subsystems are designed to work with processors such as ARM Cortex®-M series, Cortex ®-A series as well as others like the Beyond-Semiconductor BA® series, Tensilica, ARC, Cortus and other processors.

Our comprehensive design and verification flow and years of proven experience assures you that your subsystem will meet and exceed your SOC design and schedule requirements. 


Our IP product portfolio includes:


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In addition to the wide portfolio of proven Subsystem IP and core IP, SoC Solutions is happy to discuss designing custom blocks for your specific application.  Often it is advantageous to use our system and design knowledge to help you design a block, interface or application that fits perfectly with our subsystems for the best overall results with the lowest risk, price and time to market,.