We specialize in providing custom IP Subsystems tailored to your specific needs.  

Low Power

If you need a low power, low gate count, low I/O subsystem, we can provide a simple AMBA® AHB/APB system with peripherals and memory controllers, pre-configured and verified.  This supports Cortex®-M0 as well as other industry standard  processors with AHB or AHBLite interfaces.  We'll add custom power management hardware as well and custom software to handle the power sequencing.

Typical applications include water meter controllers, remote sensors, and implantable medical devices, that require minimal power and long battery life.


Low Power / Performance

If you need more performance with low I/O, we can build your subsystem around a Cortex®-M3 or Cortex®-M4 using AHB-multimatrix buses, DMA controllers,  QSPI (execute in place) for booting and communication interfaces such as I2C, SPI, UART (comm), as well as RTC (real time clock), and PWMs. This platform can support many RTOS's and real time kernels using multiple time bases and interrupt scheduling.

Typical applications include industrial controllers, audio devices, motor control, wireless IoT and M2M devices.

Custom Performance

For designs requiring high performance with multiple data channels and perhaps multi-processing, we can build your subsystem around the Cortex®-A5 processor.  Our AXI multi-layer bus can be configured for many masters such as DMA, complex DDR2/3 memory controllers, custom caches, AXI to AHB mult-matrix bridges, AXI to APB peripherals, you name it; we can configure it !

Typical applications include image processing, video streaming, medical devices, multi-port wireless routers and large display devices.