Octal Serial Flash Controller Core

with Execute in Place (XIP)

AMBA® AXI4 and AHB Compatible

OctaSPI Blk dia

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Meet the new Octal Serial Flash Controller.

The new-generation Serial NOR Flashes are expanding from the current Quad I/O to Octal (8) I/O for more data throughput while maintaing lower power. 

SoC Solutions is meeting that interface need with our new Octal SPI core. The core will support the brand-new Data Transfer Rate (DTR) features, thus improving Execute in Place (XIP) performance and efficency.

To meet the “Small, Smart, Low Power and Performance”, requirements many OEMs are considering using Octal SPI Flash memory chips from manufactures such as  Micronix. 

SoC Solutions provides a feature rich Octal SPI Flash Memory Controller to interface with these types of devices.

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  • Compatible with industry-standard serial FLASH devices
  • Execute-in-place (XIP)
  • AMBA AXI4 or AHB interface
  • DDR, DTR and SDR Support
  • DMA Interface
  • Octal, Quad, Dual and Single bit modes
  • 8 bit to 32 bit serial TX / RX
  • Separate SCLK input for Master Mode
  • 8 to 256 word TX / RX FIFO - configurable
  • Asynchronous Slave Interface
  • Interrupt control
  • LSB or MSB mode
  • Up to 4 slaves under Master control


The Octal Serial Peripheral Interface core is designed to interface an AMBA AXI4 or AHB processor bus to a number of the new Octal Serial Flash Memory devices from memory manufacturers such as Macronix.  The controller is specifically designed for IoT, M2M and low power applications but is useful in applications such as Automotive, Connected Home, Medical devices and others.

The Octal Serial Flash controller can be configured under software control to be a master or slave device.  Reading and writing the core is done on the AMBA® AXI4 or AHB bus interface.  The core operates in various data modes from 8 bits to 32 bits (8 modes are supported in multiples of 8 data bits).  The data is then serialized and then transmitted, either LSB or MSB first, using the standard 4-wire SPI bus interface or the extended Dual, Quad, and Octal Bus modes. 

The Octal Serial Flash module is compatible with various industry-standard DMA controllers. DMA operation in the core can be enabled to assist a DMA controller in the loading (writing) of the transmit FIFO, and the unloading (reading) of the receive FIFO. 

The Execute in Place (XIP) Mode allows an AMBA Master to directly read the contents of the Flash Memory simply by reading from the address space of the Octal Serial Flash controller.