SoC Solutions offers design services ranging from SOC design, integration, FPGA prototyping and verification. Our expertise is building and verifying microprocessor based low power SOC designs keys to Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products. Some of our designs include control systems, low power mixed-signal subsystems, sensor subsystems, complex communication systems and microprocessor based display systems.

Historically our business has been to develop what we call "Front-end" designs for SOCs containing processors.  Our sweet spot is from chip architecture down to HDL with C-code software included.  

With the rising complexity of designs and the trend toward chips that communicate wirelessly or wired, we've become experts in designing the complete hardware systems as a means to prototype the SOC.  

Our philosophy is to make sure the system works before releasing the SOC design to the costly "back-end" processes.


How we engage…

Our services are flexible and customer-driven. We are quite comfortable working with your IP or using our own IP to help jumpstart your design. We will work with you at any stage of the design process from architecture to implementation to system level verification to production readiness.

The SoC Solutions Team is experienced in Co-development using HDL(Verilog preferred) and custom software development. The team also has a wealth of experience in managing programs from conception to silicon or end product.

Our team has been an integral part of many successful programs, working closely with semiconductor and OEM engineering teams from large to small companies.

Service is a huge part of our business

Our services are flexible and customer-driven. We will work with you at any stage in the design process. Our team is merely an extension of your design team, not just a "throw it over the wall" IP provider. We’ve done simple to very complex SOC subsystem designs for small to large semiconductor companies and OEMs alike. 

“We selected SoC Solutions to help us design key digital portions of our SERDES products. They worked closely with our internal design team to create a design that seamlessly integrated with our analog design. The quality of their work is top notch and they have provided excellent support throughout the design process as well as continuing support whenever we need it. I highly recommend using SoC Solutions services and IP products."

     -Jeff Galloway, Founder & VP of Silicon Creations

 Design Flow

Sumary of Services

 System Design
  • System architecture and design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Risk assessment
System Level Prototyping
  • FPGA design
  • Board design
  • Embedded system software design
  • GUI development
 Integration Services
  • Bus Infrastructure design
  • Peripheral integration
  • Memory and DMA integration
  • Top level verification environment 
  • HW-SW Co-verification

 Hardware Design
  • Embedded microprocessor development
  • Verilog, VHDL coding
  • SOC ASIC design
  • Synthesis and verification
  • Embedded system hardware design
    • Mixed-signal and Wireless
Software Design
  •  Embedded software development
  • C, C++, and application coding
  • RTOS and device driver development
  • Protocol development
  • Windows application/GUI development