Embedded Software

We do software, a lot of software !

We can develop embedded software for your specific application from "on the metal" boot and driver code all the way up to your end product application.  

Our specilty is in developing small footprint code targeted for applications requiring low power, low gate count SOCs or small controllers where memory sizes are small.  We are adept at creating software that utilizes the available hardware in its most efficient way.

Security is key to IoT devices and products  We understand the best methods for embedding security into small devices.  IoT and M2M devices require it.


Some of our capabilities...

  • Linux application and driver development targeting embedded platforms
  • Embedded USB stack and driver development for host, device and on-the-go
  • Bootloader and board support package development
  • RTOS development, integration, and porting
  • Flash file systems
  • Network protocols (TCP/IP, UDP)
  • Embedded device drivers for Ethernet, USB, SPI, I2C, UART, and more
  • Digital video broadcast protocols and MPEG transport
  • Vibration analysis application utilizing FFT and statistical analysis
  • MAC and PHY layer software for multiple wireless technologies
  • GPS Tracking sofware